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Novelty Cufflinks, Novelty Tie Bars & Gifts

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Cuffs 'N' Collars offer low prices for quality cufflinks, tie bars, cravat pins & money clips. Further discounts are available for volume wedding & corporate gift orders.
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Cuffs 'N' Collars » Novelty Cufflinks, Novelty Tie Bars & Gifts
» Buy from our extensive range of men's novelty gifts online
Finding men's gifts just got easier, with our great selection of themed novelty cufflinks for virtually every hobby and interest known to man!!!

Whether you're looking for a gift for dad, an uncle, a brother or grandfather, you're sure to find the perfect gift in our extensive range of novelty mens cufflinks.

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Fun Cufflinks
Fun and Humour Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £14.99

Funny & 3-D Novelty

Humorous, plus
fun cufflinks

More fun and humour cufflinks & gifts
Trust Me Cufflinks
Trust Me, I'm a... Cuffs & Tie Bars

£9.99 to £10.99


Accountant, Banker, Boss, Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic, Techie…

More trust me, i'm a... cuffs & tie bars
Keep Calm Cufflinks
Keep Calm and Carry On

£4.99 to £9.99

In Red, Blue, Black

Keep Calm Cufflinks, key rings, money clips, tie bars…

More keep calm and carry on
Car Cufflinks
Transportation Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £47.49


Cars, Bicycles, Boats, Mopeds, Motorbikes, Trains, Yachts…

More transportation cufflinks & gifts
Cricket Cufflinks
Cricket Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £47.49


Cricket Bats & Balls, Bowlers, Wickets, Team Crests…

More cricket cufflinks & gifts
Football Cufflinks
Football Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £16.99


Footballs, Scores, Yellow & Red Cards, Boots, Team Crests…

More football cufflinks & gifts
Golf Cufflinks
Golf Cufflinks & Gifts

£9.99 to £47.49


Golfer's Clubs and Bags, Cross-Clubs, Balls and Tees…

More golf cufflinks & gifts
Rugby Cufflinks
Rugby Cufflinks & Gifts

£7.99 to £10.99


Rugby Balls & Team Emblems of Wales, England, Ireland…

More rugby cufflinks & gifts
Sports and Games Cufflinks
More Sports Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £47.49


Boxing, Chess, Darts, Diving, Skiing, Surfing, Tennis…

More more sports cufflinks & gifts
Gambling and Casino Cufflinks
Gambling Cufflinks & Gifts

£7.99 to £39.99


Playing Cards, Lucky Dice, Slot Machines, Roulette Wheels…

More gambling cufflinks & gifts
Playing Card Cufflinks
Playing Card Cufflinks & Gifts

£7.99 to £14.99


Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, Jokers, Aces, Kings…

More playing card cufflinks & gifts
Jobs and Money Cufflinks
Jobs and Money Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £12.99


Police, Chef, Dentist, Plumber, Optician, Actor, Judge, Pilot…

More jobs and money cufflinks & gifts
Office and Gadget Cufflinks
Office and Gadget Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £14.99

Old & New Tech

Ruler, Computer Keys, Paper Clip, Mobile Phone…

More office and gadget cufflinks & gifts
Animal Cufflinks
Animal and Pet Cufflinks & Gifts

£7.99 to £47.49

Wild & Domestic

Penguin, Elephant, Kangaroo, Panda, Fish, Dog, Horse…

More animal and pet cufflinks & gifts
Food Cufflinks
Food and Drink Cufflinks & Gifts

£7.99 to £12.99

Healthy & Fast-Food

Beer, Wine, Bottle Openers, Doughnuts, Fruit, Chocolate…

More food and drink cufflinks & gifts
Music Cufflinks
Music and Art Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £12.99

Sound & Vision

Instruments, Notes, DJ Headphones, Artists, Paintings…

More music and art cufflinks & gifts
Film Cufflinks
TV and Film Cufflinks & Gifts

£9.99 to £12.99

Comedy & Film

Clapper Boards, Cult Movies, Classic TV Comedy, Film Icons…

More tv and film cufflinks & gifts
British Souvenir Cufflinks
British Themed Cufflinks & Gifts

£4.99 to £14.99

UK Souvenirs

Police Helmet, British Pound, Royal Family, Armed Forces…

More british themed cufflinks & gifts
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Customer Feedback:

"A big thank you to you and your colleagues for dealing with my lost order. I have just received the replacement cufflinks in today's post. I look forward to placing another order with GVJ in the future...[and then later] I had been searching for this item since Nov 2015 but was unable to find it in stores or online retailers as the cufflinks were out of stock. After searching for many months on three separate occasions I eventually found that GVJ stocked the item that I wanted to give as a present (other retailers stocked similar items which were unsatisfactory or were out of stock discontinued). I am there extremely happy that GVJ had the item in stock and were able to send a replacement when the item was lost in the post. It is nice to have a happy experience with an online retailer. A big thank you."

Sharon from London, England

"I received your package today of the cufflinks and lapel pin and am absolutely delighted with them! The quality is excellent, you have made such a good job of them. Thank you. They are a present for my son’s wedding and I know he will be really so pleased with them. Please do mention my name against my feedback on your website for the excellent service I received from your company."

Maureen from Kent, England

"Just to say that I cant believe I spoke to you yesterday afternoon and put the order in .......and within 24hrs I am viewing the item in my kitchen!!! Lovely, lovely present and a superb service. Thank you very much for all your help. I felt that I just had to write to pat you good people on the back for such an excellent job."

Maria from Herts, England

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